Start Designing Products With Sketch


Do you ever find yourself doing things over and over again? Do you have so many Sketch plugins that you don’t know what to do with them?

Time is the most valuable resource you have at the moment, so stop wasting it on redundant tasks

In this guide you'll learn about best practices for working on a website or a mobile app – from setting up artboards and grids, all the way to prototyping and handing the assets off to a developer.

Content is structured into five chapters

In the first chapter, you'll learn about Sketch's interface, useful tricks and most valuable keyboard shortcuts. You'll learn how symbols and shared styles work so you can save time with reusable elements. In this chapter, we'll also go through naming conventions and how to organize layers so they're nice and tidy.

In the second chapter, we'll go through best practices to design a product. You'll learn why you should design at 1x, discover different design workflows such as Atomic, how to make fluid layouts, and how to design with real data.

In the third chapter, we're going to explore the most valuable plugins that can make Sketch more powerful. You'll learn how to use Sketch Runner to finish your tasks quickly, one after another by reducing the time you spend searching for a specific feature inside Sketch’s toolbar. How to generate content and style guides in a matter of seconds with Craft by InVision and how to create perspective mockups with Magic Mirror.

In the fourth chapter, we're going to explore different ways of how you can prototype designs and validate them with real users.

In the fifth chapter, you'll learn about the different ways you can export assets, how to structure them and how to create interactive specification sheets for your developers with a little help of Zeplin.

After going through this guide, you will:

  • Acquire best practices that will improve your current workflow.
  • Master the shortcuts and speed up your design process.
  • Make Sketch more powerful by staying on top of the essential plugins.
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Start Designing Products With Sketch